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Tai Adkins

Professional Overview

About Tai Adkins

Tai Adkins is a self-starter and skilled business professional living in Gary, Indiana, with a proven track record of utilizing her entrepreneurial spirit to drive desired results. With experience as a program manager working in the aerospace, contracting, and construction industries – including two of the largest commercial contractors around the world – Tai’s work is focused on providing business consulting for smaller and mid-sized companies and organizations. She is especially focused on helping minority-owned businesses navigate through the contract process. 

Currently, in her career, Tai Adkins is the President and CEO of ARC Group Contractors, LLC, which she founded in February 2020. Here, she develops client proposals, builds industry partnerships on behalf of her clients, and creates strategies to improve minority business enterprises (MBE) profiles. Additionally, in her career, Tai has worked with Pioneer Aero Supply in Chicago, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in Chicagoland, and CBRE in Atlanta as a Global Workplace Solutions Senior Category Manager. She has additional experience with Colgate-Palmolive in New York several positions with Eaton Corporation, Fuchs Lubricants Co., and the Sears Holding Corporation. 

Throughout her career, Tai Adkins has developed skills in multiple performance areas, including effective collaborative leadership, negotiation, budgeting, supplier diversity program development, supplier relationship management, and project management. She also has skills in indirect and direct procurement, stakeholder engagement, business operations, stakeholder engagement, new product development sourcing and navigating matrix organizations. She is a Certified Professional in Supply Management and a Certified Professional in Supply Diversity, and she holds her MBA with a specialization in Supply Chain Management from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. As an entrepreneur, Tai pulls inspiration from her role models, thought leaders like Rosalind Brewer, Michelle Obama, Abby Phillip, Sheryl Sandberg, and Zain Asher. 

When she’s not preoccupied with her fulfilling career, Tai Adkins loves turning to athletics to unwind. In high school and college, she played basketball religiously, but now she’s more of a recreational player, although she does love being a spectator. She frequents football games whenever possible and has been a season ticket holder for the Atlanta Falcons when she lived in Atlanta. Tai is also a passionate supporter of the high school she attended and the athletics programs it operates, especially the basketball teams. Additionally, Tai has established a nonprofit organization, and she is currently working to build it and achieve 501c3 designation. 

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